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New editions of Jade Darcy books

(6/11/2012) After several lonely months of being away, Jade Darcy has returned to us. New editions of Jade Darcy and the Affair of Honor and Jade Darcy and the Zen Pirates are now available from Parsina Press with new covers designed by Mary. Thank you all for your patience, and welcome back, Jade!

5 New books available from Parsina Press

(9/22/2011) I have lagged desperately behind in announcing my newly published Parsina Press editions. There are 5 new titles to tell you about.

And Not Make Dreams Your Master

Crossroads of
the Galaxy

Ghosts, Girls, &
Other Phantasms

A World Called Solitude

Mindsearch is the sequel to Mindflight. Set 20 years after the first book, it concerns the children of Alain Cheney and Laya Mendes, and their efforts to seek justice and fairness for telepaths everywhere.

And Not Make Dreams Your Master is a story about the commercial dream broadcast industry, and the crisis that occurs when a powerful Dreamer goes rogue and threatens to drive his audience into insanity.

Crossroads of the Galaxy is a YA novel that's an homage to the great Heinlein juveniles. A teenage boy and girl living in a space colony world have to foil a plot to kidnap an alien prince.

Ghosts, Girls, & Other Phantasms is a complete collection of my non-series short stories--basically, my previous collection The Last Ghost and Other Stories minus the "Angel in Black" stories, which have been broken out into their own volume.

A World Called Solitude is a lost classic about a man stranded alone on a world of robots for many years, and how he finally has to learn to deal with another human being. I consider it and The Eternity Brigade as my two best stand-alone science fiction novels.

Complete Parsina Saga reissued

(9/19/2011) The complete Parsina Saga has been reissued from my oown Parsina Press, and is now available in uniform paperback and ebook editions. This should be considered the definitive version.

Shrine of the
Desert Mage

The Storyteller
and the Jann

Crystals of
Air and Water

Treachery of the
Demon King


Three more ebook titles

(4/4/2011) Over the past couple of months, three more of my titles have appeared in ebook editions--two science fiction novels and one fantasy vignette.

The first novel is Assault on the Gods, which some people consider a sort of feminist manifesto. Starship captain Ardeva Korrell is used to fighting prejudice, both because she's a woman in what's normally a man's line of work and because she's from a world with a misunderstood religion. But now, on a trading mission to a backwater planet, she finds herself with another kind of fight on her hands; she and her small crew must battle an army of robots and defeat the tyrannical, god-like beings who have enslaved the primitive native population. The task before them is straightforward: to storm the gates of Heaven itself!

The second novel is Mindflight, a science fiction espionage thriller. The government of Earth has one main secret weapon in its cold war against its former colony worlds--telepathic spies. But what even the spies don't know is that once they reach their late thirties, they begin to develop strange symptoms that leave them mentally and physically unstable. The Terran Intelligence Agency routinely terminates these unstable telepaths to keep them from threatening the stability of the project as a whole.

Alain Cheney is one of the best telepathic agents in the TIA's arsenal. For 14 years he's been loyal and dependable. But now that he's showing symptoms of the instability, the Agency decides to eliminate him--and just when a secret development occurs that could change the future of the inhabited galaxy.

To survive, Alain must find safety somewhere. But he can't trust his enemies, and certainly not his friends....

The vignette is a fairy tale for adults called The World Where Wishes Worked. It's very short, but don't let its length fool you--it packs a wallop out of all proportion to its size. As one reader said, "if you want a fast, funny read, grab this one immediately." I guarantee you'll remember it.

ROGO program offers free ebooks

(3/22/2011) The acronym ROGO stands for Review One, Get One; what it means is that you can get free ebboks just for reviewing my books. The principle is simple: Read one of my books. Write a review of it. Post that review on at least 3 book-related sites. Let me know about it, and I'll send you a free coupon for the participating ebook of your choice. See the ROGO Program page of Parsina Press for the plan's exact details and rules.

Polly! re-issued in revised edition

(12/24/2010) Parsina Press has just issued a revised edition of my satirical boy-meets-girl fantasy novel, Polly!, in both paperback and multiple-format ebook editions. One reviewer on GoodReads called the book "blasphemous" and "highly offensive." Several other people gave it a 5-star rating. Award-winning author Spider Robinson said, "A protagonist readers will find it easy to identify and empathize with, a classic journey story told with wit, wisdom and deceptive ease, and the most interesting guest star ever--what's not to like, here? Perhaps writers who attempt a book like Polly! wanna crack or two across the face for their audacity (to parrot conventional wisdom)--but not if they can manage to pull it off this entertainingly."

People just can't seem to be impartial, can they? Maybe it's time you found out for yourself what all the fuss is about.

Free ebooks made available at Smashwords

(12/12/2010) Two of my ebooks have now been made available for free downloads at Smashwords. They are:

The Djinn Garden. This novelette is a self-contained excerpt from my epic Arabian Nights-style fantasy Parsina Saga. It should give you a taste of the exotic flavor, and hopefully entice you to read the full story.

But As A Soldier, For His Country. This short story served as a springboard to inspire my classic military sf novel The Eternity Brigade.


Agents of ISIS now complete in paperback editions

(10/9/2010) The Agents of ISIS space opera decalogy is now complete in trade paperback editions as well as electronic books. Be the first on your block to own the complere set in hard copy. (And get $2.00 off the list price of each volume using the coupon code available at Parsina Press.)

Tsar Wars cover Treacherous Moon cover Robot Mountain cover Sanctuary Planet cover

Updated excerpts from The Business of Being a Writer now available

(6/6/2010) My classic reference book The Business of Being a Writer, one of my most widely-praised works, is now being excerpted. Updated chapters are being published independently in multiple electronic formats. The first four excerpts are:

  • A Career in Writing, which discusses such topics as finances, work habits, and pen names.
  • The Mechanics of Submission, which discusses proper manuscript format, and how to submit your writing to an editor/publisher.
  • Marketing Your Work, which discusses how an author should narrow the field of potential markets, and the criteria to use when making his submission list for each work.
  • Dealing with Editors, which discusses the jobs of magazine and book editors, how to maintain good author-editor relations, and how to go about negotiating the terms of sales to your publisher.
  • Rights and Copyrights, which discusses subsidiary rights and the ins and outs of copyright law in the U.S.

Other excerpts will follow shortly, so please stay tuned.

The Eternity Brigade, Final Edition, now available as ebook

(5/2/2010) The final, thoroughly-revised edition of The Eternity Brigade, is now available as an ebook through Parsina Press. Fans who go through the Parsina Press site can download up to 50% of the book free before deciding whether to buy it, and also get a coupon code that gives them a $2.00 discount off the book's retail list price.

The Eternity Brigade cover, paperback editionAngel in Black collects hard-to-find fantasy stories

(4/11/2010) Five of my early, hard-to-find fantasy stories have been collected in one e-book volume called Angel in Black. The stories center about the Shop, which is where people can go for help when they face supernatural difficulties, The Shop's mysterious proprietor is there to help them out--but there is always a price.

The Eternity Brigade cover, paperback editionThe Eternity Brigade, Final Edition, now available in paperback

(3/10/2010) The final, thoroughly-revised edition of the book many people consider my greatest stand-alone science fiction novel, The Eternity Brigade, is now available in a paperback version through Parsina Press. The story of soldiers being reincarnated to fight in war after war through all eternity takes on revitalized meaning in today's world, as Ivan G. Goldman's new Introduction makes chillingly clear. I'm proud to offer this book to a new generation of readers. Fans who buy the book through the Parsina Press site can also get a coupon code that gives them a $2.00 discount off the book's retail list price.

Meet the Agents of ISIS

(3/3/2010) Announcing the arrival of the exciting Agents of ISIS series, the first great space opera decalogy of the twenty-first century. Starting off with the original novel Tsar Wars, it chronicles the adventures of agents of the Imperial Special Investigation Service as they strive to protect the government of humanity's interstellar Empire against the forces of chaos and darkness. While it will take several months for the books to start appearing in print format, they're available now as ebooks if you just can't wait to read them. Visit Parsina Press for more details.

SCAVENGER HUNT cover, paperback editionSCAVENGER HUNT now in paperback!

(7/21/2009) For the first time in recorded history, the full story of SCAVENGER HUNT is available in a one-volume paperback edition. The 1976 Laser Books edition had to be split into two parts (Scavenger Hunt and Finish Line) and altered so each part would look like an independent book. The original story was published in one paperback volume in Germany, but never in English. In 1999, the story was completely revisedand reunited for the electronic E-Reads edition...but not until now has the complete story been available in one English-language paperback volume. If you enjoy a rollicking space adventure, racing across the galaxy to find mysterious treasures, this book is right up your alley.

Star Rooks stories available again

(6/12/09) The diMedici family of interstellar swindlers is back in action with the electronic re-release of the two stories by Kathleen Sky and me: Painting the Roses Red and The Devil Behind the Leaves. If you enjoy a good caper story, these might be just up your alley--plus you can read up to 50%of them for free before deciding whether to buy them!

Caravan cover, Parsina Press edition

CARAVAN and the Deborah Rabinowitz mysteries reissued!

(6/3/09) My Laser Books novel Caravan has been reissued in multiple e-book formats. While it was originally intended as an "if this goes on" story...well, the world went on, but not quite in that direction. You can think of it now as an alternate-world story.

Also out now is Alien Murders, a collection of the Deborah Rabinowitz mysteries--"The Height of Intrigue" and "The Sword Unswayed." Both these novelettes originally appeared in Analog magazine, and have seen limited distribution since. Many fans of my work may not even know they exist.

These works are economically priced--and you can read up to 50% of Caravan and 25% of Alien Murders for free before deciding whether to buy them!

Contents of this Web page are Copyright © 2001-2010 by Stephen Goldin. All Rights Reserved. So there!