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Ghosts, Girls, & Other Phantasms


Ghosts, Girls, & Other PhantasmsThis book is a collection of my short solo fiction--that is, non-series, non-collaborative. It contains a wide range of stories from science fiction to fantasy, humor to horror, tragic to uplifting. The table of contents is as follows:

This is all my science fiction/fantasy short work, with a few exceptions. A few excerpts from the Parsina Saga books were published independently as novelettes. My five "Angel in Black" fantasy stories are collected in a book called, not surprisingly, Angel in Black. My two (so far) Deborah Rabinowitz sf/mystery stories, "The Height of Intrigue" and "The Sword Unswayed," are gathered into a book called Alien Murders. There are some stories done in collaboration with others (Kathleen Sky, C.F. Hensel, and Grant Carrington) that aren't here. And there's one story ("Constance and the Sex Machine") that is not to be scheduled for republication until sometime after the sun goes nova -- if then.

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